February Flew Fast!!

February already has a tendency to ‘zoom’ by so to speak; it does have only 28 days after all.  Our winter camp meeting also takes place every February for a full week and immediately following this, the music festival at our local college happens.  This camp meeting was especially wonderful for me as one of my dearest friends came with her family to stay with us during the meeting.  It was a great time of fellowship!

Music Festival was February 10th and they added the strings to the performances this year.  This meant violinists could showcase their talent as well!  In past years, piano and voice were the main events along with a theory written test. All of our children received the highest scores possible on their pieces.  Our youngest son (who performed on piano even though guitar is his primary instrument) was given a 3/4 size cello by his former teacher at the event!  He has prayed for one since last June so needless to say, he is very excited!

February 13, 2018 a sweet elderly lady from our church passed away, days after her 84th birthday.  She will be greatly missed! We had a wonderful graveside service for her.  The Lord made a great day for it the following Monday.  Clouds kept the sun off of us, there was a gentle breeze, and the ambient air was a great temperature.  Mrs. Hoffman was a genuine lady with a heart full of compassion.  One year, my husband was between jobs and she made sure that each of our children had a nice Christmas gift on Christmas morning.  We hadn’t said anything to anyone about our Christmas plans and teach our kids that Christmas is about sharing Christ more than getting a gift.  They had great attitudes even knowing Christmas would be a small affair.  God used Mrs. Hoffman that year, 2011, those gifts are all still found in their rooms today.

All of these events have really kept me on my toes and out of my computer chair.  I’ve been keeping up music practice both at home and at church and started learning the key of “F” to my practice last week.  So far, I’ve only done “C” and “G” on piano.  I have dabbled a little bit on violin as well in the key of “A” but this needs a lot of work.  Oddly enough, bowing a violin or cello “feels” much more natural for me than strumming a guitar.  It kind of drives me crazy actually!  I’ve invested a lot of time in guitar heretofore and it still feels a tad alien to me.

I want to thank all my readers for their patience with me.  I do apologize for the lack of posting!  What do we do when we fail to meet February goals?  We take inventory, dust off, and try again in March.  Here’s to improving in March!  I’ve got a feeling we have the luck of the Irish for this upcoming month! 😉 Hahaha

Until next time,