Acura TLX

In a few regions of the United States, driving is not considered a skill necessary for the average, everyday person.  Driving is considered a waste of time in many places with heavy public transit and large side walks that offer effective and faster travel from home to work.  I am a free spirit though and for me, driving is more than a mode of transportation, more than fun, driving is a passion; it represents a freedom so to speak.

Growing up in the dusty Caliche roads of west Texas, I began driving at a young age.  I must have been 8 or 9 years old before I even knew what a “car” was.  We were truck people and as far as I knew, there were two types of trucks; Ford, like my uncles and granddad had and Chevrolet, like my daddy had.  Trucks were useful; they could haul stuff small or large and I loved to ride in the back and feel the wind on my face.  Trucks were also fun!  Once in a blue moon, we’d have real good rain, our red dirt would turn into a clay like mud and it was on, 4X4 was a favorite pass time! We’d rev those engines and make ’em squeal! No one wanted to be the first truck to get stuck but everyone wanted to be the truck big enough to pull them out.  It would be many years from the days of my young childhood on daddy’s ranch before I met a man that would show me cars can be fun too. Heretofore, I had assigned cars to “city folk driving.”

In the early days, before our vows, DH drove a Nissan 240 out on the flat land of those west Texas plains in the heat of summer with the ground hard as brick and dry as bones.  Drifting he called it, a lesson old Doc taught Lightening McQueen was taught to me by DH.  I’d climb up the dam of an old dried up lake and watch him make that little car dance! With this marvelous introduction to “drifting” I came to the dawning of a new era, where driving could be enjoyed year round, no matter the weather!

With a childhood and young adulthood such as this, is it any wonder that “Acura” was no where on my radar when it came to a sporty car you could really enjoy?  I drove the 2018 Acura TLX for the first time this week and I really loved it.  With a 4 cylinder engine, my demo drive packed a nice 206 horsepower punch giving it enough power to be both sleek and sporty and yet keep some pocket change in my handbag.  (For those of you looking a little more muscle, there is a v-6 engine packing a nice 290 horsepower.)  The car has 4 driving options, Economy, Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus, honestly after driving 2004 models, all the options were a bit overwhelming! I was hooked just after we ignited her engine and couldn’t wait to see what she could do!

As I took her out on the road, I found the ride inside the cabin to be extremely quiet even in sport mode.  In fact, the cabin made me feel like a cross of Speed Racer and Bat Man!  The sales representative mentioned the all wheel drive and I soon found a nice empty parking lot to test the responsive wheels.  I really enjoyed to responsiveness the car had while I accelerated in a tight circle, I could really envision myself in this car for years to come.

Some of my favorite technology features on this car are the lane keeping assist and the rear view camera angle that allows you to see directly under the rear bumper.  The lane keeping assist works to help you stay in your lane.  The sensors detect the car leaving the lane and give a gentle tug to keep you in the lane.  In the current generation of distracted driving, I see this is a huge benefit and hope to see it more often.  The camera is a great benefit to people with children who may leave their belonging behind the car. :-/ (Something that’s happened a time or two too often around here I’m afraid to say)

Well, I can’t say I’m exactly a car reviewer, but I certainly enjoyed this drive and hope you have enjoyed my little glimpse of a great car.  Are there any cars you were surprised by when you drove them?  Do you enjoy driving as well?  Would you like to see more articles like this?  Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading.