Dear Husband Knows How To Push Buttons

Oh my!  Does my darling husband ever know how to push my buttons!

Nightly dear husband and I have a “date” time that starts shortly after all the littles are in bed.  Most of the time it’s right at 9:15pm give or take few minutes.  When I picked up blogging, I began to work a little a few nights per week during our “date night” time, especially if we are watching a movie.

I cant type a single post without his help.  He just simply must reach over and help me by PUSHING BUTTONS.  So, if you see any typos, it wasn’t me. Haha!

Sometimes he just pushes my fingers

He is still indirectly pressing the buttons through my fingers though.  I personally believe this to be just an excuse to touch my hands.  He finds me so irresistable you know! LOL  Maybe my nailbeds are button like?

Other times he swipes my hands clear off the laptop!  He really thinks he is funny.

Occasionally dear husband presses my nose

He lovingly calls this boop the nose.  Dear husband has seemingly always been fascinated with my nose.  I’m not sure if it’s actually a “button” nose per say.  Even if it’s not a true “button” nose, my husband believes it works well for a button.

The dreaded “tickle buttons”

I’m not a huge fan of being tickled but I suppose if I am to be to tickled, it should be by dear husband.  Of course this often turns into a pillow fight as I try to defend myself.  As long as no elbows are thrown, everything usually works out fine.

Hospital Bed Buttons

I’ve been known to spend some time in the hospital.  One fond memory would be when dear husband was sitting next to me while I was on a hospital bed.  As you’ve probably guessed by this heading, he saw some buttons.  Since this bed was a transfer from the ambulance to the emergency room, it had a big red button that would collapse the legs and fold them up to load into the ambulance.

Dear husband leaned over and said, “Hey baby, what does this button do?”  Before I could muster up a reply his happy button finger was already pressing buttons. The next thing I knew, my legs were being dropped down to the floor with a loud crash!  A nurse ran in with a stern glare and helped put my bed back up.

The Jest

This post is silly of course and pokes a little fun at my beloved.  In all honesty he wouldn’t be picking at me and pressing buttons if I was actually upset.  I knew the risks involved with bringing work to our date. 😉  And, he’s just so cute I can’t possibly get mad.

Do you have a date night with your spouse?  I hope you make time to keep each other first.  We certainly have a blast.  Let me know in the comments below, what do you do to keep your marriage in the romance phase?

Thanks so much for dropping in today.

Until Next Time-