Florida Snow! Who Knew?

Florida Snow!

Yesterday morning I awoke to a wonderful surprise.  I started my morning routine of making coffee for DH and getting his things ready for work and as I washed up in the sink, I saw a glimmer of some white powdery stuff on the roof of my shed.  Of course, it doesn’t snow in Florida so, I was pretty sure that my eyes had sleep in them.  I gently rubbed my eyes and looked again with a longer gaze.  No, I wasn’t seeing things, it was actually there!  With morning sun rays already befalling I knew I had to grab my phone and run out for pictures or no one would believe me!  It had snowed and stuck (Though ever so slightly) here in Florida!  I took several photos but the snow is just so little, it’s fairly difficult to see.  I was so overtaken with this I almost forgot to finish DH’s coffee!

Traces of Snow

While taking the photos I heard lots of noise and not good noise either!  Squealing tires, crashing, and shattering glass could be heard in the distance.  I took a moment to thank Jesus that DH wasn’t out there in the bang and crash.  Life is so precious, sweet, and short!  It really only takes a few minutes and a phone call to change your life forever and I truly try my best to be thankful for every single good gift.  Snow and ice in Florida are really pretty foreign to most of our drivers so, it was not too surprising that the first half hour of the morning involved several accidents.

So, what do ya’ll think?  Is it really snow or is it actually just frost?  We have so little of either here we decided to allow our imagine to lead and went with snow.

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