Frugal Hairstyle: Visiting Cosmetology School

Do you love to have a new and fun hairstyle?

One of my friends told me years ago that a new quality hair cut can do more for you than a new quality outfit.  Her reason for this was that you have to wear your hair everyday but you can always change your clothes tomorrow.  I don’t know about ya’ll but a new hair cut gives me a fresh new lease on life!

If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, a new hair cut may just be what you need.  As a mom and a wife, I find myself taking care of others easily.  However, taking time for me isn’t something I always prioritize and I certainly should.  Not only can haircut give you a new style but, it can also provide that pampered self care we need to keep us from burn out.

Fancy Salon or Not Salon?

What did you last spend at your Salon?  The last time I went to a Salon to get a color treatment and a hair cut I paid over $150 and spent more than 4 hours in the chair.  Now, I know that the cosmetologist deserves her fair share and a good one is priceless!  However, making the time and money every 4 to 6 weeks isn’t easy for a busy mom either.

What if I told you that you could get Salon quality hair color for less than half the price you see in the Salon?  No, it’s not going to Wal-mart and doing a DIY at home either!  You’ll still get to sit in a Salon chair, have someone wash your hair, and all that.

Cosmetology Schools Serve the Public

My friend had only been working on the floor of her school’s salon for about 3 days when I made a bold and brave move to book an appointment for a hair cut and color with her.  Yes, there is some risk with treating yourself to a spa day at a school, they are students after all.  Everyone has to learn their skill at some point though and hair can grow back.

I must admit, I was a little fearful about how things would turn out.  I had been cutting my own hair for the past 3 years though, it was time for a little pampering!  As I sat down in the chair, we began to discuss ideas of how I’d like the haircut to look when finished.

Now just to be safe, I set the parameters for my haircut pretty long.  If this is your first time with a stylist and especially if they are a student, play it somewhat safe.  I left the layers of my hair long enough to be able to recover if needed.  There is always a trained teacher watching and able to fix most student errors.

The color goes on.

With the color, I let my friend pick.  She knows me pretty well and what I would like and since part of the purpose of the haircut was to also pamper, I let her take the stress of picking the color.  If you don’t know your student stylist well enough to feel comfortable with this, talk to their teacher about ways to have fun with color!  My friend has a great teacher with a great eye for color.  I would have been very comfortable with anything the teacher selected as well.


That’s a lot of plastic!

Waiting for the color to take I had time for girl talk.  In the next chair there was an older lady getting a perm and she was a hoot!  This had been a long morning with so much long hair so, I took time to eat here too.

Since I’m getting this done at a school, it can take more time than a regular Salon.  We all had such a great time it didn’t feel any different to me than waiting at a regular Salon.  Also, it’s been my experience that stylists at Salons will book several people at once and work on different sections of each person’s cut and color at a time.  By doing this the stylist doesn’t waste so much time while waiting 25 minutes for my color to set however, it does seem to slow them down a little as they transition each person to the next stage.  Waiting for the teacher approval is not really much longer than the usual switch around.

The Outcome!

And it’s done!

So, what do you think?  Pretty good for a new student!  I was very pleased with both the cut and the color of my hair.  In fact I was so pleased that I’m going back next week for a root touch up!

The price was great too.  I paid a mere $5.00 for the haircut itself and $25 for the hair color.  I love that she covered the grays that were starting to pop up but kept most of my natural color.  Taking the length off also made my head feel lighter.  I had no idea I was carrying around so much weight.


Don’t be afraid to try out a school near you for your next budget friendly hairstyle!  If you really like color but can’t justify the expense of a regular Salon, this is a great way to play with hairstyles.  The students really love working on “real” customers too.  It brightens their day.

If you’d like to see my before and after videos, head over to instagram and follow me there.

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As always, thanks for spending a few minutes here with me today.

Until next time-


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